The World’s first Probiotic Air & Surface Purification Systems

We make it simple to protect everything you care about. At the heart of GreenStream lies a passionate team of people dedicated to bringing balance to indoor environments by nourishing them with healthy products. Our technologies help purify air, clean surfaces and help boost our natural ability to protect our environment against indoor irritants.

Increased protection from indoor irritants floating in the air and that reside on surface

Effective and long-lasting residual cleaning of inorganic matters in the air and on surfaces

Bad odor control and and management via continuous probiotic misting

100% Natural, chemical-free & environmentally friendly, safe for both people and pets

probiotic air and surface purifiers

BetterAir by GreenStream introduces the power of Environmental Probiotics into enclosed living and work spaces. Environmental Probiotics are comprised of a carefully cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus ferment and are designed to purify the air and hard surfaces through patented technology.

Billions of probiotics are intermittently released into the air and form a microflora on hard surfaces. The good bacteria consume organic irritants such as pollen, dust mite waste, and pet dander on hard surfaces and shared objects. BetterAir by GreenStream leverages the power of probiotics to replenish indoor spaces with beneficial bacteria to purify air and prolong the cleanliness of hard surfaces.


BetterAir Everywhere You Go

From HVAC Integrated Purifiers, to Freestanding, to Sprays for On-The-Go, we’ve got you and your home covered.

HVAC Integrated Purifiers

The BA-1000 (for homes and small businesses) and BA-1200 commercial system (larger facilities) are easily integrated into existing HVAC systems and release our patented Enviro-Biotics formula on a programmable automated interval basis.

Free-Standing Purifiers

Biodify is our free-standing (no installation) Enviro-Biotics delivery device for smaller areas (up to 800 Sq.ft.) such as bedrooms, offices, kitchens, apartments and an alternative to spaces without HVAC systems.

On-The-Go Purifiers

BetterAir spray bottles are your travel companion when you go the gym, grocery store, or travel on airplanes and hotel stays. Just about anywhere you go; tens of thousands of people have touched surfaces you come in contact with daily.



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