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Case Study: Miami Jewish Home & Hospital

Testing Probiotics to Reduce Noscomial Infections

Case Study: Miami Jewish Home & Hospital

To better serve MJHH and its patients, the original full range of testing throughout numerous locations in the Miami Jewish Home & Hospital For The Aged’s 740 bed hospital and nursing facilities was accomplished as of July 25, 2008.

It was the first in a series of studies projected to continue over the years to provide the data and technology of how MJHH can become a leader in the USA in how to best prevent nosocomial infections in hospitals and other medical and nursing facilities around the country.

Secondary hospital infections now cause some 100,000 deaths, millions of infections and tens of millions of days of extended hospital stays each year, with total costs in the tens of billions.

MJHH has been testing a new range of stabilized microbial based (probiotic) solutions for some time, in the Hospital’s goal to reduce both deaths and suffering, along with the huge potential huge cost savings factors involved.

The first series of tests was to analyze the results for a new methodology of infection control that appears to be a totally new class of unique solutions to directly control the microbiome or our facilities, as well as all of us as individuals.

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