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RENUAIRE & Coronavirus

RENUAIRE & Coronavirus

With the advent of the Coronavirus, and over 1 million cases worldwide, we have received countless inquiries regarding our products and their role in combating the current pandemic and microbial pathogens in general.  First, we would to emphasize the importance of following recommended social distancing guidelines; washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face as much as possible; and the use proper sanitizing products to reduce the risk of transmission. Please refer to CDC guidelines for further information CDCs official coronavirus prevention and treatment page.

It’s important to first understand where and how microbial pathogens thrive, survive, and how we get exposed to bioburdens.  Organic pathogens are both airborne and reside on surfaces, including spaces we cannot see.  We do our best to clean surfaces in our homes and other spaces but the reality is it’s a never ending battle due to biofilm (a thin, slimy film of microorganisms, such as bacteria, that adheres to surfaces).  This protective layer results in a moist environment where microbial pathogens thrive, survive, and multiply. Why is this important? Most traditional air purification technologies are designed to address airborne particulate matter, and some incorporate UV bulbs or incorporate chemicals within the filter to address microbial pathogens, but according to the EPA these type systems are only as effective as the amount of air that gets passes through the filtering element. What about the air that does not pass through the system?  What about objects we touch hundreds of times per day such as doorknobs, countertops, remote controls, cell phones, etc.?  To truly address microbial pathogens such as viruses and the quality of the air we breathe, you should seek a solution that combats BOTH airborne and surface contaminations.

How does RENUAIRE work?

Before we look at the specifics of COVID-19, let’s take a closer look at RENUAIRE.  As previously discussed, traditional air purifiers use filters to remove contaminants from the air.  RENUAIRE disperses a microscopic mist of environmental probiotics called ReNUBiotics (good bacteria) into the air which suspends itself in the air; attaching to airborne particles and pathogens;  and eventually settling on surfaces where they compete for available food resources of harmful pathogens such as bad bacteria. In essence, the good bacteria starves it’s competing microbial opponents.

How does RENUAIRE help with Viruses?

Many traditional air “filtration” systems do little to nothing to address bioburdens such as viruses. ReNUBiotics (environmental “good” probiotics) dispersed through a RENUAIRE system not only addresses airborne contaminants but where ReNUBiotics land on surfaces, the good probiotics breaks down biofilm on surfaces to naturally clean surfaces making the environment less hospitable for viruses and other pathogens.  This is a proven technology to be effective in reducing the number of viruses similar to coronavirus on surfaces. Research has shown that coronviruses can survive on surfaces, without a host, for up to 9 days, so disrupting the environment in which viruses survive and supporting cleaner surfaces helps to minimize the risk of transference and infection simply by touching a surface where coronavirus is present.

Please note:  no studies, to date, have been conducted on the effectiveness of RENUAIRE probiotic blend against COVID-19 specifically. However, a study conducted using feline calicivirus (FCV) showed that a blend of environmental probiotics containing multiple strains of Bacillus Ferment resulted in the reduction of active FCV viruses by more than 99.99 percent over a 6-hour time period. As a result of this proven anti-viral efficiency, it is our belief that RENUAIRE probiotic mixture may serve to help reduce the risk of viral transmissions.

How does RENUAIRE system disperse ReNUBiotics?

The most effective means of dispersing ReNUBiotics is through our whole house system, PDS-5000, which utilizes your HVAC system’s airflow.  This ensures maximum coverage in your home or commercial spaces.  The system is programmable to meet your specific needs but comes pre-programmed for most normal environmental conditions.  The bottle of ReNUBiotics last 6 months under normal conditions and is easy to replace and affordable.

We also have a compact tabletop model, PDS-800, which is great for smaller spaces up to 800 square feet such as dens, bedrooms, basements, or office spaces where HVAC introduction may not be an option. The cartridge of probiotics will last 3 months under normal conditions and replacement cartridges are “plug-and-play” making the PDS-800 nearly maintenance free.

Our on-the-go ReNUBiotics Mist is ideal for automobiles, hotel rooms, stores, restaurants, and other spaces for when you are traveling or away from home.  Using the same probiotic blend as the RENUAIRE systems, this spray provides protection and comfort in targeting surfaces wherever you go!!

Complete Your Protection

While RENUAIRE probiotics helps address both airborne and surface contaminants, significant reduction of airborne particles, allergens, and microbial pathogens can be achieved by combining the use of a high quality filtration system that actually scrubs indoor air (more effective than HEPA).  RENUAIRE’s EFS-800  Eco Filtration System with BioZone Technology is the most efficient and effective filtration technology for your home or office space.  This revolutionary technology uses a high energy field creating an aggregation effect enabling 99.99% ultra-fine particle capture and destruction of microbial pathogens passing through the system without restricting pass-through airflow associated with HEPA filters.  Our technology is used in hospitals, clean rooms, and high-tech manufacturing environments requiring the highest of air quality standards.

So, if you have allergies, asthma, other respiratory conditions, or auto-immune conditions, RENUAIRE’s EFS-800 Eco Filtration System completes the approach to airborne and surface contamination system.

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